Wedding meet up 2023

Our favourite event for the top wedding suppliers was once again the pleasant and fresh start of the wedding season, just like every other year (and it wasn’t only because of the Toison negronis).

Our concept for this year’s meet up consisted of visually and olfactory hypnotising sweet pea, this time of the year’s ever so present lilacs, boat orchids’ in earthy tones and shaggy pulsatilla. Along with Shimeji mushrooms, linen place settings and beautiful new glassware from Wieger’s villa, they were the focus of our wedding table.

The floating installation consisted of dried sea lavender arranged into a spiral, with our favourite twisted grass leaves adding an element of movement.

venue: Wieger’s villa

fphotography: Janca Korcek

dress: Veronika Kostková

MUAH: Ivana Súkenníková

boat orchids in earthy tones, pulsatilla, sweet pea


spring table in pastel colours with a touch of cinnamon earthiness, fragrant sweet pea and lilac

loose wedding bouquet with grass stems and shaggy pulsatilla

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