Irisarian following or why is this flower, common in every other garden, so interesting?

There is a plethora of iris types, but my favourite ones are tall, bearded irises. Their blooming is limited to a party in May, and it is absolutely worth it. However, some may bloom repeatedly over the summertime. Their large flower heads emit subtle scent and they’re formed of fuzzy beards and various types of petals.

Thanks to their undemanding nature, there is a decent chance they could make it in your garden as well and you would then have something spectacular to look forward to. I for one cannot wait for the first iris concept in May.

Since they bloom only for a short period of time, I’m already missing them, but thanks to Janka Korcek’s photography, they’ve been immortalised and I have pretty photos to look at until they’re next in bloom again.

Person of irisarian following is someone who has been infatuated by irises more than one could consider healthy. This diagnosis can have various symptoms from planting more and more of these visually addictive flowers, through obsessively searching for new variants, to delirious levels of sharing their beards with other irisarians. The highest levels are naturally reserved for those who attempt to breed new types.

Thankfully, for people having to go through life with this diagnosis, there are multiple groups where they may share their irisarian view of life. Becoming an irisarian can truly be quite easy and it could happen to anyone. Sometimes all it takes is a glance at the gorgeous structure of this flower, at the sophisticated and inimitable colour possibilities and you’re hooked forever.

assorted structures, textures, ruffles, curves and fuzzy beards

what a seductress!

falling under their spell is not at all difficult

Slick colours as if from a Dictionary of Color Combination by Sanzo Wada

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