Flowers as an important part of the décor and the brand

We love working with brands whose aesthetic vision is similar to ours. MB Clinic focuses on every detail, so they reached out to us with a request to compliment and cosy-up their newly opened lounge and consulting area.

For this concept we created a soft cloud of dried sea lavender, verbena, baby breath and grass leaves in a colour scheme matching the brand’s mood.

Each week, we create airy floral compositions from the most beautiful seasonal flowers. The vase on the reception desk compliments the space, adding to the clients’ overall experience while they wait for their consultation.

place: MB Clinic

photography: Janca Korcek


flowers matching the colour scheme and the spirit of the feminine oriented interior

our goal was to enhance delicate features and cosiness of the interior


Installation softening the edgier features. Reminiscent of a floating fluff of tiny delicate flowers.

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