Sea lavender skies in Wedding Avenue

Fluffy clouds of sea lavender in pastel tones contrasting with amaranthus in sharp green, floating above the luxurious pieces in Wedding Avenue.

We were looking forward to this project a lot– the wedding salon owner gave us a carte blanche for the concept – the only requirement was to elevate the already pleasant surroundings and add to the overall experience of wedding dress fittings.

For the installation, we took advantage of the delicate structure of white sea lavender, pastel hues of pink and yellow and the sharp green tones of overhanging amaranthus.

venue: Wedding Avenue

photography: Janca Korcek

non-disturbing, yet space-elevating pastel clouds of sea lavender

pastel shades contrasting with sharp green dreadlocks

structurally contrasting mini clouds of sea lavender with the heavy-appearing amaranthus dreadlocks

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